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Serving more than 64 nationalities across Dubai-Gurugram-Bengaluru

Our Vision

Kids Kingdom, we strive to be a leading Early Years setting which offers a safe, nurturing, affordable home away from home for children to develop and grow at their own individual pace.

Kids Kingdom Preschool

Kids Kingdom Preschool is an international chain of Early Learning Centres with locations in Dubai, Gurgaon, and Bangalore. At Kids Kingdom, we believe that every child is unique and has the potential to shine.Our Five Jewels form the foundation of our approach to nurture and develop young children in safe, caring, and stimulating environment.

About Us

At Kids Kingdom, we strive to provide a holistic approach to early childhood education. Our carefully planned curriculum incorporates the best of modern educational practices, focusing on both academic and socio-emotional development. We believe in the power of play-based learning, where children are encouraged to explore, discover, and learn through hands-on experiences.

Our dedicated team of experienced educators and caregivers are passionate about early childhood education and are committed to creating a nurturing and inspiring learning environment for your child. We value open communication and believe in building strong partnerships with parents to ensure each child's unique needs are met.

At Kids Kingdom, we believe that every child deserves the best start in life. Join us on this exciting journey of discovery and learning, as we create happy memories and lay a strong foundation for your child's future. Come and be a part of our Kids Kingdom family today!


Message from Director

It gives me immense pleasure as an educationist and mother myself at the launch of Kids Kingdom Preschool, India. Born and raised in India, my globetrotting experiences have significantly contributed in sowing the seeds of visionary leadership at Kids Kingdom. Our credentials in Bachelor’s in Education (B.Ed.)in India, has helped us integrate our expertise backwards in Early Years also. Kids Kingdom chain of pre-schools originate from UAE and fast expanding to India, Singapore, Qatar, Oman and other countries.

Spread over 13000 sq ft with state of art indoor and outdoor facilities on Sohna, Gurgaon brings world class learning opportunities for little learners. At Kids Kingdom chain of international pre-schools we have considered minutest need of children and parents for in-depth planning of our facility towards safety and development of children. Our settings offer array of indoor and outdoor learning, exploring, creating choices for our little explorers. We have distinguished academicians, Early Years trainers and operations experts on panel to offer their vast learning and experiences.We hope that our website is informative and helps you choose us as the best Early Years Learning Centre.

Urvashi Shahi


About Us

Message from Group Head-India

A warm welcome from Kids Kingdom family. My name is Maansi Dua and I am the Group Manager for Kids Kingdom Pre School, Sohna Road.

I strongly believe that kids are not empty vessels to feed in rather they bring with them deep curiosity and potential, this inborn curiosity drives their interest to understand their world and their place within it.

I am a Graduate in Commerce and MBA-Finance and Marketing. And also, a Gold medalist in Bachelors of Education with specialisation in early childhood and care. My experience has enabled me to be a strong believer of progressive and experiential learning process. In last few years, I have achieved some exceptional awards on outstanding service.

With a mindset of providing a safe environment, child led learning and development, inclusion of parents, I welcome you to have a tour of Kids Kingdom Pre School, Sohna road. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions, comments or concerns.

Maansi Dua

Group Manager India

About Us

Health and Care

To provide a safe, clean and nurturing environment for little ones to develop. At Kids Kingdom, we aim to promote academic, personal, social, emotional, physical and creative development through the British EYFS Framework. We believe these skills will help every child reach their full potential in every way and give confidence to the children in our care.

About Us

Growth and Development

At Kids Kingdom, we provide friendly, comfortable and safe environments which children will find stimulating and challenging. We believe that children should have a childhood full of play and investigation, discovery, and trust in a loving and creative environment. At Kids Kingdom, we provide quality learning and care for all children regardless of abilities, disabilities, race or religion.

About Us

Our Five Jewels

Kids Kingdom, we strive to be a leading Early Years setting which offers a safe, nurturing, affordable home from home for children to develop and grow at their own individual pace.

About Us

Staff Care

Our Centres staff are hand picked for their kind and caring nature, experience and qualifications to ensure that your children are cared for in the best possible way. Every classroom at Kids Kingdom has at least 3 members of staff, to supervise your children while they are at the centre. Our Class teachers are experienced and qualified to deliver the EYFS Framework and its 7 areas of learning. We train our staff in house and with reputable training centres in the UAE to ensure our standards are kept high and your child's safety and development is our top priority at all times.

About Us

Our Environment

At Kids Kingdom we offer children and their families support to ensure the children in our care have the best possible start to life. Our open door policy is in place to ensure that communication is always open between you, your child's carer and our staff. We ensure our environment has spacious classrooms with natural light and are equipped with high quality resources to aid your child's learning at our centres.

About Us

Parental Involvement

We are proud to have a diverse variety of cultures at Kids Kingdom and recognise that each child is unique and 'every child matters'. At Kids Kingdom each child, parent and nursery member are treated as an individual. We understand that parents are the most important people in a child’s life. Hence, we consider parents to be key members of our team. Communication with parents is an essential tool to help us provide the most effective teaching and learning practices at the Centre. We encourage all parents to become involved in the everyday life of our setting. We also understand the limitation of working parents so offer flexible modes of communication. This ensures we can work together to help your child to develop and succeed. We respect the role of the parents and aim to build positive relationships through open and honest communication on a daily basis.